Top Reasons to Consider Composite Wood Decking

If you plan to build a deck or repair or replace the old one, selecting the right decking product is the first step, and a composite wood deck is one of the most preferred and affordable options available. Composite decking is fast becoming one of the most popular deck choices. Composite decking materials are manufactured from recycled plastic and wood fibers to make a plank board which is more durable, attractive and easier to maintain than traditional wood. It is virtually maintenance free and leading manufacturers of composite wood decking offer beautiful decks with a wide range of colors and textures to choose from.

composite wood decking

Here are some great reasons why composite decks are increasingly becoming the top preference for homeowners:


Issues with wood decks


Alternative decks are often composed of pressure treated wood due to its affordability and availability. There are several problems with wood decks such as splinters and cracking, vulnerability to rot, fading and providing a nesting place for bees and other insects. Wood also requires annual care and maintenance that includes replacing and staining boards that have warped or cracked.


Efficiencies in terms of performance


Composite decking comes with a number of advantages. Homeowners can enjoy a long warranty on these products that last for a lifetime. Owing to its stain resistance feature it is much gentler on your feet. Hence, you will not experience cracks, splinters or warping. It is eye-catching and can be found in a variety of finishes and styles.


Environment friendly


Recycled plastic and wood are the key components used for producing composite decks. The amazing thing about these beautiful decking products is that it consists of about 95 percent of the recycled components. No trees need to be cut down for the purpose of providing material for composite decks.


Easy to maintain


Ease of maintenance is another interesting feature that worked behind the popularity of composite decks. However, you should clean it regularly and follow our easy maintenance procedures to keep it shiny and attractive for years. These products can be cleaned periodically with a hose or power washer. Stains and food can be washed with a mild soap solution.


For maintenance, homeowners can follow our manufacturer’s recommendations. Thus, you can make your gorgeous deck the talk of your neighborhood!