Top Composite Decking Care and Maintenance Steps

Proper care and maintenance of composite decking is important to make sure that your deck retains its natural beauty for lifetime. However, composite decking system by InnoDeck has low maintenance feature, if you want to keep it look great for longer, here are a few essential maintenance tips. Since, decking materials are exposed to the harshest elements, annual maintenance is required. Usually, decking products should be sealed and cleaned every year to protect wood parts and even decks made of vinyl or composite decking requires washing annually. In addition, they should be regularly checked to ensure structural integrity and for signs of decay.


Composite Wood Decking


Know How to Care for You Deck


Homeowners love composite decks, as they are easy to clean up and last longer. Nevertheless, customers often mistake low-maintenance for no-maintenance and it is why at InnoDeck, every time you install a wood or plastic composite deck, we offer a little instruction so that you can choose a material that will perform to your expectations.


It is recommended to give your deck a good cleaning twice a year, possibly before the winter sets in and before the outdoor season begins. The following tips will help you to keep your decking system look new. As because a deck is a somewhat good investment, it is a wise idea to set a routine of upkeep to protect your deck, thereby preventing expensive repairing. A simple maintenance schedule can help you keep your deck sound, safe and new.




Ensure that there is enough of unobstructed airflow under the deck as it will help in preventing excessive water absorption. Improve grade flat or drainage areas to avoid standing water. For composite decks with limited ventilation, 6″ of apparent ventilation is necessary.


Removing Dirt and Leaves


It is good to use a hose or soft bristle broom and sweep the deck regularly to remove surface debris. This is particularly essential after storms and in the fall. Try using a broom with natural fiber bristles, as these are softer unlike plastic bristles that are hard and may leave scratches on the surface.


Mind the Gap


Clean and wash dirt out of gaps between the decking boards applying a flexible bristle brush and warm, soapy water. Remove leaves on a regular basis as chemicals in the leaves may leave stains on the deck. To reduce foliage on your decking, keep trees, shrubs and plants from growing within a couple of feet of your outdoor deck.


A little care with regular cleaning will keep your composite decking system sparkling like new. You can also prefer to hire a professional cleaner by contacting us at InnoDeck.