Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I use Innodeck Interlocking Deck Tiles?
    • Anywhere! Innodeck will resurface any solid or mostly solid surface easily.
  2. How do the tiles stay together?
    • The weight of each deck tile along with the interlocking “teeth” help hold your project together ( a minimum of 10 square feet for best results)
  3. . How do Innodeck Interlocking Deck Tiles stand up to Winter weather conditions?
    • Generally, weather conditions do not impact the performance of InnoDeck products. Snow and Ice may be shoveled off, but the use of Heated pads and snow blowers is not advised.
  4. How long does it take to install InnoDeck Interlocking Deck Tiles?
    • On average, 100 square feet may take upto 1 hour to tile.
  5. what types of adhesives do I use with Innodeck?
    • None! InnoDeck Interlocking Deck Tiles will hold together and without slipping.
  6. Does InnoDeck offer matching Trims to finish the edges of my Deck?
    • No, currently we do not carry matching Composite wood trims, however there are many other beautiful and functional trims available in your area. Please speak with an InnoDeck Representative or Supplier for more information of recommended alternatives and tips for installation.
  7. Why are there so many holes under my Decking Tile?
    • These holes act as drainage for your decking tile and double as spikes to hold the tile to shifting surfaces ( sand or grass) and create friction to prevent the tiles from slipping.